About Random Elements

Tara and Thea have been friends for many years. They have quite diverse backgrounds and strengths; however one of the many things they share is a passion for creativity.

During one of Tara’s visits to her friend Michael Wootton, a potter on the Sunshine Coast, Tara was inspired by his collection based on the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi. On her return, Tara shared this idea of Wabi-Sabi with Thea. At its heart, Wabi-Sabi means to embrace and focus on the beauty of imperfections and random aspects of nature. The real. The authentic. Through Wab-Sabi, we are able to embrace our own imperfections, the Random Elements of ourselves, and see their beauty.

Thea’s background is that of an artist. Her passions include music writing, performing arts, drawing, painting, clothing design and jewellery design and creation. Thea works with a diverse range of media and spends most of her days creating unique pieces which reveal her distinct flair and eye for detail.

Today Tara owns her own business as a web developer, helping her clients to create websites to market their products and build their audience. Her working background however is very diverse and includes; fibreglass mould maker, boat repairer, swim instructor, truck driver. She always brings her own creative flair to any pursuit.

Coming together, they have created


  Randamu yōso ランダム要素